Good news!


The reports of JiggyFiggz’s retirement were greatly exaggerated; he’s back with us, better than ever, and our new Tech Support!

Go give him a hug, welcome him back, and tell him you appreciate him, y’all.

Go give everyone hugs.

I demand it.

Sere out.


Probably Stepping Down


Sup. MrStarfawks, your tech admin here. Just wanted to let you all know that i’m probably going to step down from my status. I’m currently looking for a tech admin replacement. And until then, I’ll stick around. So to get to the point; if you have any server experience and know how to update plugins and manage a server from BeastNode. Hit me up on Steam or Skype.

Skype: Gold Panda (Jerod)

Steam: Issac Clarke

The server is all ready to go. But things have come up and caused me to go over the edge and snap. I love managing the server more than most things, but the pointless drama and constant¬†lecturers have just become too much for me. Maybe I’ll change my mind. But right now, i’m just done. Donors can join the server RIGHT NOW! Yes the server is up for donors. So go enjoy it, you paying members you. ūüôā

Just a wee update.


‘lo all, Sere Tuscumbia here!¬† Red requested I take over blog duties so here I am, reporting in.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the server is down.¬† Again.¬† I believe that mostly everyone is aware we had a problem with some griefers and the server is down for that.¬† And potentially for other reasons which brings me to the main topic of why I’m writing this.

I’d been contemplating for a while about making a post calling for everyone to voice their thoughts on the server and the admins and just general comments/complaints/suggestions, but Cry made a post on the forums before my procrastinating arse could.¬† Since I can’t link to the entire thread, here have a single post and I’m sure you can work it out from there.¬† I cannot stress enough how helpful it would be for people to post.

That said, since that thread is really only for thoughts regarding the server situation, I would still love to hear your opinions on what the admins can do better, what you’d like to see more of on the blog, general comments/questions/concerns/suggestions/complaints (as long as they relate to Minecraft!), or anything you can think of that you want out in the open that I haven’t listed here.

To finish off this (tiny) info-dump, I have sad news: JiggyFiggz and the illustrious Red have stepped down from their admin positions.  This is regretful, but we wish them the best and if you see them around, be sure to tell them you appreciate them and are thankful for the hard work they put into the server.

I look forward to hearing from y’all!

Sere out.

Bukkit going down! Info on what’s gonna happen!


Hello people of Late Night! This is admin MadZkills speaking!

Sorry to report that the Minecraft server crashed due to the fact that Bukkit went down and in order fix this we need to restart EVERYTHING. All the permissions need to be set again and both Bukkit and the plugins need to be reinstalled.

I’ve talked to Cry and Russ about starting the server again with a new map, and as it just so happens me and a few friends (MiggyWiggles and RagingBadly) started making an RPG themed map late last year. However I’d say the server is only about 70% complete at this point so we’re all working hard along with Jazstarry, nr128, TheForgiven and SereTuscumbia to get it finished as soon as possible.

You will also be seeing 2 new admins join the team, MiggyWiggles and RagingBadly. These are the 2 friends of mine who I worked with to create the map. They also used to run a similar kind of role-play server with me for about 6 months, so they both have a lot of experience in dealing with these kinds of servers. Be sure show them love ūüôā

With this being an RPG map, you should know the theme of the server will also be going through some changes. The server is going be heavy role play, where you have to buy plots or houses and earn money by starting a business, going on quests and taking part in special role-play events hosted by the Admins.

Below are some screenshots of the server :





Please leave a comment with your feedback on these new changes to give us an idea of what you think!

Thank you for your time! ūüôā


Admin MadZkills

New Admins!


Yes, three new Admins have been chosen. They were chosen before the weekend and permissions were dispensed. I see a lot of really awesome new applications, though! If you didn’t get the promotion this time, I’m keeping everyone’s comments of interest in case something happens with an existing staff member. So, it’s not as though it’ll never happen. It may just take some time. Right now, we need to see how things go for a little while.

The players chosen for promotions are LovelessGiraffe, MrStarFawks, and MadZkills.

I’d also like to turn the spotlight for a sec onto MrStarFawks. He hasn’t been around for as long as some other players, but within a few days he’s already proven himself to be one of our most¬†competent¬†and useful staff members. If it doesn’t¬†embarrass¬†or annoy him, you might want to pop on to let him know how much you¬†appreciate¬†his gung-ho attitude towards this new responsibility. I wish I could pay people for their services. ._.

Excellent job to the rest, as well. Jiggy’s been super pro-active. Kudos! I see him stepping up to the daily challenges with a cool composure, and his powers of people-management/communication are impressive! All of you have been great choices thus far. Hopefully, this winning streak will go uninterrupted! Grieving is down. Lag is way down. We’re still getting disconnected relatively often, but not to the extent of how it was. Overall, things are finally starting to come together. It won’t be long before we have a dynamic server that¬†definitely¬†feels like our own!

That is all~ See you in game!

Enlisting Staff!


There are a lot of problems. Problems with the server crashing, problems with cheating, problems with¬†grieving, problems with efficiency and¬†convenience… Too many plug-ins will bog the game down, but I¬†¬†would¬†very much like to get to a point where we can get some fun stuff in there without worrying too much about abuse.

It is for this reason that I’m now seeking additional help. I think if we had a steadier trickle of Admins online, we’d be able to do these things and more effectively round out the server to make it a more pleasant experience.

These are the qualifications:

  • Cool-headed. Can’t let the game “get” to you. Don’t hold grudges, don’t be overly biased towards certain players, and for goodness sake, don’t abuse your power. Most of the time, you’ll have to have a completely objective mind-set. A lot of times, particularly if it’s crowded, the players can become very demanding. Don’t let it visibly phase you.
  • Be assertive when necessary. The players have to respect you and know you’re capable of meaning business. Doesn’t mean you have to be an ass (you catch more flies with honey than vinegar), but you will have to be able to put your foot down at some point and be uncompromising for the good of the whole, despite how much complaining you¬†receive¬†for it. Sometimes it is a thankless job (sometimes it isn’t).
  • Have some experience. Know several command codes, at least, and be aware that you will probably have to learn much much more. That might become off-putting (especially¬†if you’d rather be doing something else at the time).
  • Since you would have the option to switch to Creative Mode anywhere, don’t you dare take up all the room in the worlds with needless structures. It’s fine if you wanna sprinkle it lightly here and there with things¬†for the other players, like dungeons and mazes, but dun go nuts. I’ll slay you for this. Save the space for the Survival Mode peeps.
  • Be willing to dedicate enough time to the server to be useful. If you work two jobs and go to school, for instance, it would be a bad idea to apply.
  • If you can read command consoles, that’s a major plus. It’s also bonus points if you’ve had Admin experience in MC.

If yer interested, either catch me on a messenger service (if you have my info), catch me in MC, tell JiggyFiggz (he has my info and is also an Admin), or leave YOUR contact info (anything you wanna toss at me) in the comments of this post. You’ll have to get through a vocal interview to get the job and answer a few questions. <— This is non-negotiable.

I’m thinking about taking on about three more staff members at ze moment.

Also, this: by ZutaraRaven. Frikin’ awesome.

Just a Thursday


So I’ve been knuckling down on the grieving in a personal way. I have been watching the server closely and remembering everyone’s names. I’ll teleport around and try to catch people candidly, and it’s been going pretty well. You have to realize, too, that it looks really suspicious when you are in someone else’s private domain and you leave the server as soon as you see me. Then again, if you are doing something you shouldn’t be (like being a dick, rule #1), and you don’t log off, I¬†will ask questions.¬†Devaldude. If you do not contact me and explain to me what I saw you doing this afternoon in someone else’s house, you will be put on the suspicious persons list and watched like prey to ze hawks. If it’s legit, then cool. Just let me know, please. I hate having innocent peeps wrongly accused.

There you have it. Other than that, I can’t think of much to tell you guys. We’ve got a pretty darn established couple of worlds now and it looks awesome! LovelessGiraffe opened up a shop where you can trade with him for rare materials, and a lot of people have been giving me ender pearls for “fire minion-themed” skins. I have two untaken, free skins of this nature available on my account if anyone wants them: the sentry, and the female grunt.

And if anybody has a good idea for a stream event with minimal ways it could go wrong, hit me up.

As you were.

PvP and New Admins


So, on Saturday’s livestream we held the awesome 10 vs 10 vs 10 PvP match and it went pretty smashingly!

The Leaders were:

Red TeamLevokid

Green TeamOllyWillaims

Blue Team JiggyFiggz

Red Team had obtained 2 flags and lead the match for the first half but, some sneaky-sneaky player from the Green Team had penetrated the defenses and ended the match with them holding 2 flags at the end of the game.


It’s also very sad that people started cheating half way through.¬†

I am disappoint.

In other news:

Please welcome our newly promoted Admins!

TheKirbyKat, JiggyFiggz and SereTuscumbia!

Live PVP Match Tonight (For Realz)


Due to everyone’s irritation in Pub World at grieving, we’ve disabled fire spread as well as the ability to place lava for the Hobos.

So we had some issues last Saturday. Actually, we’re having some issues this time too, but we’re gonna work around it. The show must go on. Here’s the revised match rules and regulations if you plan on being there:

Show up 30 minutes before the actual Minecraft time slot on the stream. There doesn’t seem to be a specific time tonight, but I can tell you it’ll be fairly early, and that we’ll get forewarning from Cry and Russ before dashing off to do this. Anyway, your window of opportunity is that half hour. I’ll need to do a head count, assign team captains, and designate the groups. That will take a little bit of time. While you wait to be sorted, you can sit back and enjoy Cry’s saucy voice via

Once three captains are assigned to each of the three teams (Red, Blue, and Green), they’ll draft all remaining players with a maximum player capacity tonight of 45 total. If you show up late, do not bother the Admins to let you in. If we have 60 players on the server wanting to do this and you are not one of the 45 randomly chosen, do not ask us to bump another player for you, no matter who you are or how cool you think you are with the Admins. We’re under a strict time limit for setting up. The hour will be devoted to playing. We have a show to do here, peeps. Our primary directive is to entertain the masses and we’ll have to get things going, immediately, as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Doing this well means more future Minecraft time slots. Dun fuck it up, plz.

Once teams have been ordered, they will be teleported into their respective forts. Each fort is equipped with the essentials of survival and beds. Each fort also has a ‚Äėflag‚Äô hidden in a chest somewhere within. The flags are actually going to be rare material blocks (IE: Red team has a block of Netherstone Brick, Blue has Lapis Lazuli, Green has Soul Sand) and there will be one of each. If an opponent is carrying the ‚Äėflag‚Äô and you kill them, you take their items and return your flag to your chest. By the end of the game, the winner will hopefully have both their own flag, and the flag(s) of the opposing team in the chest.

You may build. You may destroy. Play the game the way it was meant to be played, by all means. The only big rule is that you cannot move a flag chest, and you cannot remove the sign above that states what the chest is holding. Make sure to check all the chests in your fort for supplies before launching an assault. The team that wins will likely be the most organized, so Vent or Skype calls are a good idea. Either way, try to work as a team to obtain victory! You may wish to give players certain jobs to oversee (IE: Attack force, defense, supplies/support, etc).

Those of us featured in the stream regularly (Jund, Cry, Russ, maybe B-Star) will choose a team to aid by being their eyes and ears, based on Cry‚Äôs footage as he flies around and observes (IE: “Someone dug a tunnel into the back wall!¬†Defense¬†guys! Go!” or some such).

The first map for this was somehow lost and we couldn’t recover it. I’ve re-built to now allow more players (before it was maybe 15-20), and the forts are within sight of one-another. There should be no confusions.

Got it? Cool! See you there.

Public World Pictures


Here’s an idea of some things going on over in the Hobo lands.



The Pub World is free. Anyone can join in, so long as you know the server’s address (which, by the way again, is¬† All the worlds have portals to this place at the spawns.

In other casual news, I’ve opened up an account at to put up the custom skins you guys and the Admins have ordered. At the moment, most of the Pokemon-themed ones I did are available. From now on, if you trade me two ender pearls for a custom skin while in the game, you can check back to that link to see if it’s finished. It’s starting to get difficult to keep track of who asked for what.

Finally, I updated the post which covers donations to add in an extra thing ya gatta do now if you want to be on the donor’s list. That, too, has been difficult to keep track of and now requires a¬†teeny¬†bit more organization.

As you were, Soldiers.