Today is a Big Day

I figgered it’d be a good idea to give the server a place on the web for communication’s sake. This way, players can come check on the latest updates, news, upcoming events, etc., and you can be better prepared to face such things as the Great Lava Travesty (and consequential Apocalypse) of the first world (may it rest in peace). Any upcoming events Cry intends to use for his Saturday night streams will also be announced here before-hand, so you can work around your schedules to attend.

Last night, Cry and Russ got the additional worlds up and running. There is now a survival-mode world dedicated to the players who donate money to keep the server going, a survival-mode world we will make free to the public, a creative-mode world shared by all to make insane pokemon pixel art (and whatever your heart desires), as well as a PVP world where we’ll host single as well as team matches! The portals to all of these are in-game, at their respective spawn points, and should be very obvious to you.

Some screencaps of what’s going down:



Changing direction for a moment: Does anyone realize just how much Russ does?! Let me tell you – it’s a ton. Thanks to him (Mostly. Cry makes things pretty and is the eternal Guinea Pig), we now have the following plug-ins installed:

  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • NoCheatPlus
  • ChangeName
  • CommandBook
  • PermissionsEx
  • Multiverse-Core
  • MVPortals
  • FoundDiamonds
  • Lockette
  • AreaGuard [Doesn’t quite work like it’s supposed to yet, but we’re working on it]

And of course, there’s more to come. Most of this is just what we need to get our worlds running smoothly. You can consider this the testing phases, as the boys are still playing around with it to ensure optimal fun for the whole family. There’s also some word of enacting an XP-based system where you can claim your own land instead of needing an Admin to permission your homes and creations in survival mode. More on that later, if it happens.

Donors: you’ll be receiving an extra month’s worth of slot reservations on the server since this first month has been full of glitches, tests, and lava destruction!

This is the best place to ask the Admin team questions, so please feel free to do so regarding anything Late Night Server-related! I’ll be checking daily to answer as much as I can!


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One Response to “Today is a Big Day”

  1. Mathew Lallman Says:

    Hey Admin team, just a few suggestions, being a former mod on some other servers. (Don’t take any of these as me imposing upon you, I’m just trying to help out a bit, you don’t have to listen to anything, really!)

    First off, it tends to be that during the early – mid-day hours not a single mod or admin is on, due to such, it’s alot easier for people to grief and such. Now, I know having one on does not eliminate the factor of greifing, but having someone on hand who could supervise at different times helps alot, and appeases alot more to the playing community.
    Adding onto such, I’m not saying you have to put in place new mods or anything, but if you have someone who knows coding and scripting for changing around server pemissions and such, maybe get a few who have the ability to simply log griefs using that plugin, but not the ability to ban. This group could have a subforum on the page to place [Request Ban] posts. If you place a picture of the log (Using a program like gyazo, or more preferably puush, which makes a site with the picture) you could much more easily log who is banned and for what reason, referring them to the site to look at why they got banned, having proof just further justifies.

    On that note, maybe a “ban appeal” section could be put in place? Based on the severity of the grief you could do temp bans such as 2blocks – 1 day, 3-4 – 2 days 5-6 – 4 days and 7+: Perm ban.
    The lower 1-2-4 day bans could be appealed to and if seen fit by a just-worthy cause that they would stop, unban them and watch carefully. It helps keep the community going, and it’s just always nice to have a second chance; of course, it is riskier.

    For now, that’s all I can think of! I may add some more later.


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