How Donations Work

You can donate as much or as little as you like.  As a ‘thank you’, we have set aside a special survival-mode world for donors. The minimum to get there is $5, but it’s only a one-time payment, meaning even the smelliest of Hobos have a good chance. When we receive your payment, you’ll be added to the White List. Then, every portal we have will be open to you.

To maintain a reserved place on the servers in the event that the player limit has been reached, then it’s a minimum of $3 per month.

Again: you may donate any amount you like, above or below the $5 limit. If you like the server and appreciate the players and Admins, you may wish to give more to see the server survive. At the moment (April), we’re not in any immediate danger. Remember that these are donations! We are not a wholesaler and we are not doing this for profit – all the money goes to the game. The nature of a donation is that it cannot be refunded. Don’t ask.


IMPORTANT: There should be a text field in Paypal, after the credit card info, where you can give us your Minecraft user name.  Please don’t skip this step. Otherwise, we won’t know who sent us the donation, or who to put on the White List.


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