Tournament: PVP Team Match CANCELED: FINAL SAY

Update 3: TONIGHT’S ENTIRE STREAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR VARIOUS PERSONAL REASONS. Mostly, the boys really need a break… It’s been almost half a year every Saturday night, Cry’s gone through it sick as a dog before, and even big shows with big budgets play re-runs and take a break sometimes. The PVP tourney is still going to happen, just not tonight. So take some time to do something different tonight, or spend it doing one of those things you meant to do and never got around to, eh? Maybe even get some sleep! I’m going to keep the rules and details here for next week.


This Saturday for the stream, we’ll be holding our first PVP team battle! The time slot on the schedule is to be announced. We’re going to try to set up a ‘capture the flag’ scenario between three different factions on a brand new world. If we can’t figure out how to make the flag thing work, then all-out wars are still pretty awesome.

See you there!

UPDATE 2: Reports of this tournament’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Thanks to JetRaptors and Jazzy for swinging in to help!

How It’s Gonna Go Down

The people who worked on the PVP map will choose 3 team captains. Those who have seen the locations of more than one base are being restricted from playing to ensure fairness. The team captain will then draft, one at a time, all remaining eligible players. If someone ends up with one less or one more person, so be it. We don’t really have time to round the teams out. Teams will be completed at under 10 minutes from when the Minecraft time slot starts. If you arrive afterwards, you will not get to play unless one of the Admins takes pity on you.

Once teams have been ordered, they will be teleported into their respective forts (The Blue Bastion, The Red Rampart, and The Green Garrison). Each fort is equipped with the essentials of survival and beds. Each fort also has a ‘flag’ hidden in a chest somewhere within. The flags are actually going to be rare material blocks (IE: Red team has a block of Netherstone Brick, Blue has Lapis Lazuli, Green has Soul Sand) and there will be one of each. If an opponent is carrying the ‘flag’ and you kill them, you take their items and return your flag to your chest. By the end of the game, the winner will hopefully have both their own flag, and the flag(s) of the opposing team in the chest.

You may build. You may destroy. Play the game the way it was meant to be played, by all means. The only big rule is that you cannot move a flag chest, and you cannot remove the sign above that states what the chest is holding. Make sure to check all the chests in your fort for supplies before launching an assault. The team that wins will likely be the most organized, so Vent or Skype calls are a good idea. Either way, try to work as a team to obtain victory!

Those of us featured in the stream regularly (Jund, me, Cry, Russ, maybe B-Star) will choose a team to aid by being their eyes and ears, based on Cry’s footage as he flies around and observes.

This is the only hint you’ll get regarding enemy fort locations: Each is in a different biome, and each is 30 seconds flight-time from the spawn point (forward, left, and right in a ‘T’ shape). ALSO each team has an ‘assault tunnel’, which has rails and minecarts that will get you from the fort about half-way to the spawn point. The rest is up to you!


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