Public World Pictures

Here’s an idea of some things going on over in the Hobo lands.



The Pub World is free. Anyone can join in, so long as you know the server’s address (which, by the way again, is All the worlds have portals to this place at the spawns.

In other casual news, I’ve opened up an account at to put up the custom skins you guys and the Admins have ordered. At the moment, most of the Pokemon-themed ones I did are available. From now on, if you trade me two ender pearls for a custom skin while in the game, you can check back to that link to see if it’s finished. It’s starting to get difficult to keep track of who asked for what.

Finally, I updated the post which covers donations to add in an extra thing ya gatta do now if you want to be on the donor’s list. That, too, has been difficult to keep track of and now requires a teeny bit more organization.

As you were, Soldiers.


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One Response to “Public World Pictures”

  1. Andreas Says:

    how do i get whitelisted?

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