Live PVP Match Tonight (For Realz)

Due to everyone’s irritation in Pub World at grieving, we’ve disabled fire spread as well as the ability to place lava for the Hobos.

So we had some issues last Saturday. Actually, we’re having some issues this time too, but we’re gonna work around it. The show must go on. Here’s the revised match rules and regulations if you plan on being there:

Show up 30 minutes before the actual Minecraft time slot on the stream. There doesn’t seem to be a specific time tonight, but I can tell you it’ll be fairly early, and that we’ll get forewarning from Cry and Russ before dashing off to do this. Anyway, your window of opportunity is that half hour. I’ll need to do a head count, assign team captains, and designate the groups. That will take a little bit of time. While you wait to be sorted, you can sit back and enjoy Cry’s saucy voice via

Once three captains are assigned to each of the three teams (Red, Blue, and Green), they’ll draft all remaining players with a maximum player capacity tonight of 45 total. If you show up late, do not bother the Admins to let you in. If we have 60 players on the server wanting to do this and you are not one of the 45 randomly chosen, do not ask us to bump another player for you, no matter who you are or how cool you think you are with the Admins. We’re under a strict time limit for setting up. The hour will be devoted to playing. We have a show to do here, peeps. Our primary directive is to entertain the masses and we’ll have to get things going, immediately, as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Doing this well means more future Minecraft time slots. Dun fuck it up, plz.

Once teams have been ordered, they will be teleported into their respective forts. Each fort is equipped with the essentials of survival and beds. Each fort also has a ‘flag’ hidden in a chest somewhere within. The flags are actually going to be rare material blocks (IE: Red team has a block of Netherstone Brick, Blue has Lapis Lazuli, Green has Soul Sand) and there will be one of each. If an opponent is carrying the ‘flag’ and you kill them, you take their items and return your flag to your chest. By the end of the game, the winner will hopefully have both their own flag, and the flag(s) of the opposing team in the chest.

You may build. You may destroy. Play the game the way it was meant to be played, by all means. The only big rule is that you cannot move a flag chest, and you cannot remove the sign above that states what the chest is holding. Make sure to check all the chests in your fort for supplies before launching an assault. The team that wins will likely be the most organized, so Vent or Skype calls are a good idea. Either way, try to work as a team to obtain victory! You may wish to give players certain jobs to oversee (IE: Attack force, defense, supplies/support, etc).

Those of us featured in the stream regularly (Jund, Cry, Russ, maybe B-Star) will choose a team to aid by being their eyes and ears, based on Cry’s footage as he flies around and observes (IE: “Someone dug a tunnel into the back wall! Defense guys! Go!” or some such).

The first map for this was somehow lost and we couldn’t recover it. I’ve re-built to now allow more players (before it was maybe 15-20), and the forts are within sight of one-another. There should be no confusions.

Got it? Cool! See you there.


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