PvP and New Admins

So, on Saturday’s livestream we held the awesome 10 vs 10 vs 10 PvP match and it went pretty smashingly!

The Leaders were:

Red TeamLevokid

Green TeamOllyWillaims

Blue Team JiggyFiggz

Red Team had obtained 2 flags and lead the match for the first half but, some sneaky-sneaky player from the Green Team had penetrated the defenses and ended the match with them holding 2 flags at the end of the game.


It’s also very sad that people started cheating half way through. 

I am disappoint.

In other news:

Please welcome our newly promoted Admins!

TheKirbyKatJiggyFiggz and SereTuscumbia!


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2 Responses to “PvP and New Admins”

  1. xemath Says:

    Sorry for the repost but, just in case no one saw, I thought it would be helpful for me to relay some prior experience, y’know, for the sake of helping in any way I can.
    If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I posted on an older thread on here about some suggestions.

    “…but if you have someone who knows coding and scripting for changing around server pemissions and such, maybe get a few who have the ability to simply log griefs using that plugin, but not the ability to ban. This group could have a subforum on the page to place [Request Ban] posts. If you place a picture of the log (Using a program like gyazo, or more preferably puush, which makes a site with the picture) you could much more easily log who is banned and for what reason, referring them to the site to look at why they got banned, having proof just further justifies.

    On that note, maybe a “ban appeal” section could be put in place? Based on the severity of the grief you could do temp bans such as 2blocks – 1 day, 3-4 – 2 days 5-6 – 4 days and 7+: Perm ban.
    The lower 1-2-4 day bans could be appealed to and if seen fit by a just-worthy cause that they would stop, unban them and watch carefully. It helps keep the community going, and it’s just always nice to have a second chance; of course, it is riskier.

    For now, that’s all I can think of! I may add some more later.


    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      Thank you, Xephyx. Yes, we saw this the first time you wrote it. Right now, getting a handle on griefing is a low priority since we do not yet have the time and resources to tackle it. Not to mention, there have been few instances of REAL griefing (intentional mass destruction vs someone accidentally smashing one or two blocks). There is also a very very long list of problems that we are trying to cross off one by one, and we’re moving slowly because much of this is new to all of us (we’re trying to figure out a lot as we go). We can keep your suggestion here, though, and come back to it when things are a little less chaotic.

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