Just a Thursday

So I’ve been knuckling down on the grieving in a personal way. I have been watching the server closely and remembering everyone’s names. I’ll teleport around and try to catch people candidly, and it’s been going pretty well. You have to realize, too, that it looks really suspicious when you are in someone else’s private domain and you leave the server as soon as you see me. Then again, if you are doing something you shouldn’t be (like being a dick, rule #1), and you don’t log off, I will ask questions. Devaldude. If you do not contact me and explain to me what I saw you doing this afternoon in someone else’s house, you will be put on the suspicious persons list and watched like prey to ze hawks. If it’s legit, then cool. Just let me know, please. I hate having innocent peeps wrongly accused.

There you have it. Other than that, I can’t think of much to tell you guys. We’ve got a pretty darn established couple of worlds now and it looks awesome! LovelessGiraffe opened up a shop where you can trade with him for rare materials, and a lot of people have been giving me ender pearls for “fire minion-themed” skins. I have two untaken, free skins of this nature available on my minecraftskins.com account if anyone wants them: the sentry, and the female grunt.

And if anybody has a good idea for a stream event with minimal ways it could go wrong, hit me up.

As you were.


7 Responses to “Just a Thursday”

  1. ChibiTamashi Says:

    Who, how and should we contact when there is a server crash for an hour or two?

    • ChibiTamashi Says:

      Beastnode looks down in general, for that matter. Was there any news of scheduled server maintenance or something prior to this?

      • Late Night Minecraft Says:

        This blog is a good place to go to unless LG is online, or anyone who has direct contact info for me. Yesterday was a really hectic day. I couldn’t be around much. I know that for the last two days straight, there has been a period of interruption on the server. I have been waiting for other admins to become available before I call tech support about it. I dunno the first thing about server logs (other than you can read em), so me doing it alone would be bad and end badly.

        I have yet to find a place on Beastnode in between my real-life work hours where they give you a feed for updates and maintenance. Sum up: I know what’s going on, and I appreciate your skills of observation and dedication enough to be sure I know, but I am working on it. =) Best I can.

  2. ZutaraRaven Says:

    I was wondering what was going on. The house my sister and I built was being greifed constantly, but suddenly wasn’t touched for a week … up until today, unfortunately. Point is, your work is definitely paying off. You are the beloved crime fighting hero of the late night server.

    Team fortress 2 styled control points, king of the hill, or attack/defend would be things that I’d look forward to as a PvP livestream event. Then there’s the ever so classic spleef. I remember at some point, TwitchTV had a uber-official minecraft livestreaming of (other than spleef): Where’s the Beef, Thunderdome, and the Iron Man Race. I have no idea how any of those events work since I never got around to watching any of it though. 😀

    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      Yeaaaah stream nights are popular nights for grieving, because they know most of the admins are busy entertaining the masses. I hear Kirby swooped in tho and salvaged as much as he could until I got there to ward ’em off, and we have like 5 – 8 new names on the ban list. They will learn soon that we have back-ups for our back-ups. =) Thanks for the kudos! We appreciate your appreciation!

      Those are all good suggestions. I will think about how to execute them.

  3. Sylvaen's Journal Says:

    Though unrelated to this post, probably, a few players had asked me to bring up this plugin for the server: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/tp-mech-teleportsuite-v1-1-2-teleport-requests-and-more-1185.29150/

    Essentially, what it does is to add teleport requests into the game, this would ten allow players to choose wheter or not to let someone teleport to them, and vice versa. This would undoubtedly help with player trading and getting around in general.

    Hopefully, a mod or and admin will notice this post.


    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      Whyyyy does everybody think we don’t ever look at this? D8 Of course we’ll notice this post! You put it in the appropriate place!

      We have to think hard about whether or not to allow people to mess with teleportation. Every time we’ve tried to give the players a little more freedom with it, people start abusing it. On more that one occasion, people have figured out ways to get to the Donor World while still being a Hobo, and things of that nature which should be obvious NOT to do… Iz bayud we can’t trust people, but that is what happens when it’s free to come n play. I think, all in all, that we should broaden the numbers of our staff team. I think if we could cover our asses a little more and be able to actively enforce things, we’d see enough improvement to start implementing unnecessary but fun plug-ins.

      So! There’s your sorta vague answer. I hope it helps, if only temporarily. I really do believe all the answers rest with a bigger staff. =)

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