Enlisting Staff!

There are a lot of problems. Problems with the server crashing, problems with cheating, problems with grieving, problems with efficiency and convenience… Too many plug-ins will bog the game down, but I  would very much like to get to a point where we can get some fun stuff in there without worrying too much about abuse.

It is for this reason that I’m now seeking additional help. I think if we had a steadier trickle of Admins online, we’d be able to do these things and more effectively round out the server to make it a more pleasant experience.

These are the qualifications:

  • Cool-headed. Can’t let the game “get” to you. Don’t hold grudges, don’t be overly biased towards certain players, and for goodness sake, don’t abuse your power. Most of the time, you’ll have to have a completely objective mind-set. A lot of times, particularly if it’s crowded, the players can become very demanding. Don’t let it visibly phase you.
  • Be assertive when necessary. The players have to respect you and know you’re capable of meaning business. Doesn’t mean you have to be an ass (you catch more flies with honey than vinegar), but you will have to be able to put your foot down at some point and be uncompromising for the good of the whole, despite how much complaining you receive for it. Sometimes it is a thankless job (sometimes it isn’t).
  • Have some experience. Know several command codes, at least, and be aware that you will probably have to learn much much more. That might become off-putting (especially if you’d rather be doing something else at the time).
  • Since you would have the option to switch to Creative Mode anywhere, don’t you dare take up all the room in the worlds with needless structures. It’s fine if you wanna sprinkle it lightly here and there with things for the other players, like dungeons and mazes, but dun go nuts. I’ll slay you for this. Save the space for the Survival Mode peeps.
  • Be willing to dedicate enough time to the server to be useful. If you work two jobs and go to school, for instance, it would be a bad idea to apply.
  • If you can read command consoles, that’s a major plus. It’s also bonus points if you’ve had Admin experience in MC.

If yer interested, either catch me on a messenger service (if you have my info), catch me in MC, tell JiggyFiggz (he has my info and is also an Admin), or leave YOUR contact info (anything you wanna toss at me) in the comments of this post. You’ll have to get through a vocal interview to get the job and answer a few questions. <— This is non-negotiable.

I’m thinking about taking on about three more staff members at ze moment.

Also, this: by ZutaraRaven. Frikin’ awesome.


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11 Responses to “Enlisting Staff!”

  1. Starfawks Says:

    I’d be extremely interested. I was thinking about asking about this before anything was even said because I’ve been noticing a ton of people needing help with either grief or just random stuff, and no admins were on. This happens a lot. I’d love to be an admin on a server again, and i’d be happy to answer any questions or provide any information necessary. You can mostly catch me on the server but you can also email me if you wish. Thanks, and I hope to hear good things!

  2. MadZkills Says:

    Hey there Red :3 MadZkills here! I want you to know that I’m still quite interested in becoming a mod. And from what you have listed, I’m more than qualified for a mod job. I’ve been and founded a server before, with 15-25 people on regularly.

    I know a lot of the commands/plugins you guys already got on the server. You might also think that I’m a bit too young for the job (17), but I don’t think age will be a problem if I become a mod.

    Also, I know I haven’t been too much on lately, due to a new game I got called TERA. But I’m starting to become little tired of it ^^ But let’s move on!

    I’m from Norway. I live in UTC +01.00 which will be very useful since the admin team lives 6 hours behind me (I think!), I’m 17 years old, going to school, but it’s not for more than 6 hours. I have a lot of sparetime. (No sports, no plans for summer holiday, nothing!).

    I’m also willing to do this vocal interview, but the thing about my Skype is that people that are adding me doesn’t pop up for me, so I need to add you.

    Lemme know if you want to know anything else! 🙂

    Christian (MadZkills)

  3. CaroBreban Says:

    Good Afternoon Red,

    I go by Yasosume in the server, I’m pretty friendly with everyone but I know when I have to put my foot down, I’m pretty sneaky and watch people carefully on the chat quietly for anything suspicious already because I have had my place in publand griefed already.

    As far as experience goes.. I’m not too familiar with commands or plugins that we might have in the server, but I am a very quick learner, and I’m not afraid of asking questions if I have no clue. In other words, I catch on quick.

    At the moment with the economy being not so great for a hairstylist, I’m employed at home doing people’s hair every now and then when they are free, so I’m really not that busy during the day. I wake up fairly early and do some chores around the house, and I’m mostly on around 6-7 until 4am sometimes. During the weekends I might be out of town or spending time with the family but I always manage to free up my nights and stay up preeetty late.

    Anyways, a little off track. I am willing to do the interview via skype if needed, the username is Pinkunorock, and my full name is Carolina Breban.

    Anything else you’d like to know about me just hit me up on Skype or MC :3

    Thank you,
    -Carolina (Yasosume)

  4. Sik_nightmarez Says:

    Hola Red,

    I’m very interested in playing the role of an admin on the server. I’m friendly with everyone on the server and would love to help out more with the problems. I am on the server almost every day for long periods of time because I have no social life :D. The only times I am not on the server is when I’m at school. I do not really know that much commands but I could ask or look them up. I am currently trying to fix my Skype at the moment so hopefully it will be fixed soon. But if it is fixed by the time you see this then my name Skype name is nathan.rineer or you can message me on the server.

    Have a great day,
    Nathan (Sik_Nightmarez)

  5. LovelessGiraffe (@LovelessGiraffe) Says:

    LovelessGiraffe is always interested in helping out with the server! 😀 I do what i can to help no matter what but would love to be just a bit more helpful with a few more powers 😛 Honestly, I’m always on the server (i have little to do throughout the days) so id be there a lot to keep things steady! lovelessgiraffe@gmail.com is my email, and my skype is LovelessGiraffe. I’ll be waiting! 😀

  6. Kurayamii Says:

    Nya, I’m interested in helping to get the server a better full of love and peaceful place! I was since the beginning on the server and I have sawn many griefer griefed things and people beeing rude and insult each other, even though I always tried to help it wasn’t always possible to do what should be done. And because of this I want to become Admin, nya! kuyarami@hotmail.de is my email and marlene-o.o is my skype name! Nya, I’m almost always online so just contact me if you want :3

  7. Ki Kumo Says:

    Hi… I’m Ki Kumo, your friendly neighbour hood IT guy.

    I’m willing to help, as this server and the people on it are AWESOME, I should be able to help as I have had plenty experience hosting and running multiple MC servers, as well as modding, to be honest I don’t mind become admin, I just want to help. I work as an IT Manager, generally working with Server all day, so that would be useful as I have a real network understanding and high level knowledge of servers, I also am a web-designer in my spare time (http://shikkakufansubs.com), which may be useful, as well as a dedicated gamer. I have been in large online gaming communities of 3000+ members where you have to oblige by rules, and I was high up in the community, where I was in-charge of controlling and moderating about 100 people, until I left due to various reasons. Feel free to contact me on my email patrick.carder@liferesidential.co.uk and or skype, life-patrick.carder

    Thanks for your time and farewell.

  8. 'Le Maggot the Medic Says:


    I’m replying to say I am very interested in this position and I am more than happy to help out. I have been playing on the server for a month or so and I am quite aquianted with the players, and I am more than capable of being an assertive and fun person at all times. I have not held a grudge on the server at all and I hold everyone in high regard, hobo or donor, newcomer or old fart. :]

    I do apologise for being away so often. I have had some serious personal problems I have had to sort out, and in the time I was ‘back’ for a week, I did tell a couple Homestuck fans to calm it down when they weren’t really doing anything wrong. (I really want to apologise, and this is where they’re likely to see it. I haven’t hit that kind of low before, and in hindsight, I regretted it. I was in a very off mood, and in the future I’ll be staying away from the computer if I’m like that again.)
    This problem is now solved and I should be returning to the server on the 24th of May at the latest! I haven’t taken a break from the computer that long in years, and I do not expect it to happen again in the near future. I am in school- but despite that, I am on nearly 24/7.

    I have noticed that in my afternoons, there are usually no admins online. My point being, if some bloke toddled along and decided to create a few holes in some houses, or alternately, decimate some Mona Lisa-esque pixel art, nobody could stop them until they are banned when the next Admin finds the mess, and then the damage is done. If you would allow me, I’d hopefully be able to cut down on mid/post-stream griefing, and late night griefing. (Australian late night, that is.)
    And no need to worry about errant building – I am more interested in interacting than building, and I would seek permission from server big’uns before I started to creative-build in the survival servers.

    I have experience with SMP (Single Player Commands), the Residence and Lockette plugins. More importantly, I have the time and patience to learn more commands!

    Anyway guys, best way to contact me is through a note at deviantArt (http://amerazooike.deviantart.com/) or alternatively, MaggotMedic@hotmail.com. I do not frequent my email much, so a dA note would notify me much faster.

    • 'Le Maggot the Medic Says:

      I also want to add that I have difficulties with my microphone right now. No mics I try actually work. Is there any cheap USB microphones anyone would recommend? $20 AUS or less would be ideal.

  9. Ranka/OtonashiYuzuru Says:

    I’d be glad to help with keeping the server a safe and sound environment for the players since I’m usually on during pretty much anytime of day on my laptop I am also on during my 3D Modeling Tech class due to getting my work done early so with all that free time I’d get bored ): possibly not during lunch though since there are no good wireless spots outside the class room

    But yes excuse my messy typing I’d still be glad to help with anything that goes wrong on the server ;]

    My contact info [: skype: mikuo101 and alt skype mikuo101

    I go by OtonashiYuzuru in minecraft

    ps. so tired ]:

  10. Qerrathien Says:

    I’d volunteer if I knew the commands better. I used to run a private server for a few friends. (Like no more than twenty users.) Hadn’t done it since the second beta patch.

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