New Admins!

Yes, three new Admins have been chosen. They were chosen before the weekend and permissions were dispensed. I see a lot of really awesome new applications, though! If you didn’t get the promotion this time, I’m keeping everyone’s comments of interest in case something happens with an existing staff member. So, it’s not as though it’ll never happen. It may just take some time. Right now, we need to see how things go for a little while.

The players chosen for promotions are LovelessGiraffe, MrStarFawks, and MadZkills.

I’d also like to turn the spotlight for a sec onto MrStarFawks. He hasn’t been around for as long as some other players, but within a few days he’s already proven himself to be one of our most competent and useful staff members. If it doesn’t embarrass or annoy him, you might want to pop on to let him know how much you appreciate his gung-ho attitude towards this new responsibility. I wish I could pay people for their services. ._.

Excellent job to the rest, as well. Jiggy’s been super pro-active. Kudos! I see him stepping up to the daily challenges with a cool composure, and his powers of people-management/communication are impressive! All of you have been great choices thus far. Hopefully, this winning streak will go uninterrupted! Grieving is down. Lag is way down. We’re still getting disconnected relatively often, but not to the extent of how it was. Overall, things are finally starting to come together. It won’t be long before we have a dynamic server that definitely feels like our own!

That is all~ See you in game!


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3 Responses to “New Admins!”

  1. MrStarfawks Says:

    Auwh shucks. Thanks Red. It’s only been a couple days, but I already feel like i’m an important part of the family. I hope to continue my efforts towards our server and making it the best server out there! 😀

  2. ChibiTamashi Says:

    I always feel so off topic doing this, but is there any particular reason the server’s been down?

    • Sere Tuscumbia Says:

      We’re actually getting a post up about that soon! Long story short, we’re having issues with Bukkit.

      And some news to share.

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