Bukkit going down! Info on what’s gonna happen!

Hello people of Late Night! This is admin MadZkills speaking!

Sorry to report that the Minecraft server crashed due to the fact that Bukkit went down and in order fix this we need to restart EVERYTHING. All the permissions need to be set again and both Bukkit and the plugins need to be reinstalled.

I’ve talked to Cry and Russ about starting the server again with a new map, and as it just so happens me and a few friends (MiggyWiggles and RagingBadly) started making an RPG themed map late last year. However I’d say the server is only about 70% complete at this point so we’re all working hard along with Jazstarry, nr128, TheForgiven and SereTuscumbia to get it finished as soon as possible.

You will also be seeing 2 new admins join the team, MiggyWiggles and RagingBadly. These are the 2 friends of mine who I worked with to create the map. They also used to run a similar kind of role-play server with me for about 6 months, so they both have a lot of experience in dealing with these kinds of servers. Be sure show them love πŸ™‚

With this being an RPG map, you should know the theme of the server will also be going through some changes. The server is going be heavy role play, where you have to buy plots or houses and earn money by starting a business, going on quests and taking part in special role-play events hosted by the Admins.

Below are some screenshots of the server :





Please leave a comment with your feedback on these new changes to give us an idea of what you think!

Thank you for your time! πŸ™‚


Admin MadZkills


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40 Responses to “Bukkit going down! Info on what’s gonna happen!”

  1. ChibiTamashi Says:

    So, essentially everything’s gone again, the old map has been replaced with Madz’s rpg map, and it is now a rpg server. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it really just sounds like Madz’s map has taken over the server and his friends get into mod position. Does that not sound even a little nepotistic? But I guess there’s always been an element of that in the modding process.

    I mentioned this during the last overhaul, but communication is important. Thank you for at least announcing this on the site, but communication is a two way road. Perhaps next time you could get some input from the donors before such a big overhaul? Maybe offer a copy of the old map to people who’ve put a lot of time into doing what they do?

    The server’s not that big, so I do not see why there is so little transparency. Two nights ago, I’m playing normally, Yesterday, the server’s down. Today- tada, it’s a whole new world! And oh, everything else is gone now. No discussion, no options, no forum before the act.

    I’ve taken of tour of Madz’s rpg map, and it’s beautiful, but losing everything else just seems like griefing on a large scale.

    But then again, it’s never griefing if the mods do it.

    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      I can understand that you’re quite mad about this. But you need to realize that this has to be done. People are losing interest to the server. Less and less people tend to come on now because it’s nothing to do.

      When it comes to losing your building, don’t worry, we’ll let people download it so they can keep it. Remember when we talked and I mentioned that if the map got lost, but you could keep it, would you still be mad? And you replied with “no”.

      The reason I offered this to Cry, Russ and Red was mainly because people lost interest of the server. But if it turns out that nobody likes playing on the RP server, we’ll take it down, obviously, and give you all the maps back on the server.

      If we keep receiving comments like the one you posted now, we’ll drop the idea of a RP server, and keep doing what we’ve been doing πŸ™‚ So hopes up! πŸ™‚ There will be loads of fun on this map! I guarantee it!


  2. Maggot Medic Says:

    I do agree with Chibi on the losing of the map for the second time and the lack of communication. Hopefully this blog is more active in the future.

    First thing on my mind is that you have a lot of confidence riding on it being a popular idea with the public when it is just as likely to fail. (Don’t get me wrong, the idea seems great to me. But the server needs more exposure, too.)

    However, I want to try this out, and as I’ve said before, I’m more than happy to help prepare the world before it is brought online.

  3. UEG_Doodle Says:

    so the map we were playing is gone?

  4. ChibiTamashi Says:

    It doesn’t seem so. According to Madz’s response, if things don’t go well, then the old maps are returned.

    Is there no way for this rpg world and our previous worlds to coexist? I was able to tour the rpg map fine, and then go back home to donor and build. I’ve also seen cases where buildings built in pub have been ported to donor (Sere’s red and white pagoda, for example), and heck, Madz entire map from another server was moved into the creative world of our old map. I understand that there is a complex harmony (or discordance) between the worlds of our serve due to the wonky multiverse plugin, but couldn’t the same cut, paste, move concept/function be applied with structures in the old map, even if the maps themselves must go?

    Will we only be allowed to play on the one rpg map? Is there no longer a separate world for donors? And how exactly did buckkit fuddle up this one server when several other servers (a couple of which I’ve played on today) with a similar medley of plugins are doing just fine? If you all just wanted to start over and try new ideas to increase traffic, then why not just say it instead of blaming the restart on “technical difficulties.” That shows more initiative and less coincidence.

  5. RagingBadly Says:

    After reading through these comments, I agree totally with what you’re saying.
    If I had been a long-term player on a server that I paid to get on and build, I’d probably kick off. Although I’m proud of our map, I’m also considerate of everyone else’s opinion and I respect that.
    The point about us coming on and getting instant moderator status is also somewhat accurate, and agreeable. However, after nearly a good year of building that map (on and off) it would be nice to get some credit and run it how we’d have run it alone – Obviously with more input coming from a larger playerbase and administrative team.
    I read somewhere above that someone was asking could both worlds co-exist at once, and in my own opinion, I think that’s a respectable possibility. There’s a plugin called Multiverse (if you weren’t already aware) that allows you to have multiple maps on the same server. Understandably, an RPG map would indefinitely become boring, as there’s a limited amount of things you can do with it, however, it’s an alternate play style to the regular day-to-day play style of Minecraft. For both to co-exist, I think it would be a better option to have one or the other, being that people will inevitably get bored. Having two aspects of play enables you to not only enjoy an RPG-Style of Minecraft, but also build in a freebuild aspect.

    Just my two cents on it, but I think most of what I said are agreeable points.

  6. Late Night Minecraft Says:

    When it comes to using multiworld this is not possible. The reason I managed to get my RP map over is because we simply copied and pasted. But here is the thing: Now we need plugins aswell. I don’t think it’s possible to just have some plugins on one world, and use totally different ones on the other map. If this even was possible, it would not happen. Multiworld takes up a lot of memory from Beastnode, which is the reason we get lagspikes now and then. Can you just imagine having two diffrent servers on one server? Dat lag…

    Which brings me to your next question: Yes, there will only be one map. But don’t get me wrong, you donors will get your share.

    The reason bukkit is down is because MrStarFawks tried updating it, and after that everything went straight to hell. Bukkit crashed along with the plugins, so everything has to be reset.

  7. UEG_Doodle Says:

    when will the server be back up?

  8. ChibiTamashi Says:

    How will a copy of the old map be made available to players who would like it?

  9. UEG_Doodle Says:

    is there anyway we can help build the RPG map?

  10. FelixR1991 Says:

    Hey Americano’s, I just built a beautiful house one the temporary map and because Holland just lost and I’m pretty drunk, I wanted to grief the sh*t out of my own house (because everyone was using it), but now the server isn’t reachable again. What happened?!

  11. DragynSpire (Berry) Says:

    I would like to suggest maybe making an RPG world, plus the old world. Like how Hoboland and Donor World were separated. That way everyone’s happy πŸ˜€

    • UEG_Doodle Says:

      the problem with that is that we need different plug-ins for the maps so it would be lagtastic πŸ˜› i wish we could do that though

  12. Oshiroi Says:

    Will this new RP server allow us to go out into nowhere and do normal things like build & mine?

    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      You will still be able to mine. When it comes to building, we will let you choose between buying a pre-built house or a plot.

      We’re also thinking about letting players build whatever they want outside of the map boundaries.

      • ChibiTamashi Says:

        Are these plots part of cities? I can imagine that some people may want to build in certain biomes where there may not be a city. Are we restricted to buying adjacent plots, or can we buy a plot in a desired biome and area?

        Also, how big are these plots? Some of us are big dreamers and builders.

      • singastory Says:

        I believe there’s a city in all biomes except jungle because the map was made before jungles were released.

  13. Yasosume Says:

    ohhhh shit I’m so excited, I ain’t even mad

    was wondering why I couldn’t log on the other day, do we still have donor world/publand stuff? or are donations now like.. the only way to get in or what’s the deal with that? what do we get for donating? the rpg world?

  14. Sheyra Says:

    Wait so, we just tossed out the old world and put in this new one? As beautiful as it is, I can’t really say I approve. The fact that people donated to play on the old map and now can’t play on it is pretty much the definition of unfair. If it’s possible to restore it, we should do so. From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like the map was deleted, simply replaced with this new one, and I know that I personally have no real interest in playing on an RP Minecraft server, much less losing everything I had built. I play Minecraft to fool around and chat with people, and occasionally build something cool, not to roleplay. I can use internet forums for that.

    • ChibiTamashi Says:

      I agree. When the server comes back online, my main agenda is to build, albeit now I will have to build “in character.”

      I like this server because I like the people on this server. I also like being able to be myself around them. If “Heavy role play” means always in character, then I’m not sure how the new rp requirements will affect player relations. Perhaps some people will feel burdened by the expectation. I can easily see “Character speak aside, I just want to talk” becoming a common complaint.

      Building on other servers, even the ones where I have quite nice perks, just isn’t the same. I miss you all!

      In any case, can’t wait for the server to go back online. I wanna build with friends :3

      –Chibi “Still mourning a double chest full of pre 1.3 bookshelf stacks” Tamashi

  15. arrow_smith Says:

    To sad the old world is gone i realy liked it )=
    Now there are 3 peopel on the server and I canΒ΄t join them because IΒ΄m “not white listed for this server” )=

    • singastory Says:

      You probably can’t get on because they’re not done with the server yet. You should be able to get on once they’re finished messing around with some stuff. (:

  16. chikokuda Says:

    That’s kind of too bad… I was working on a big project. Since we’re starting anew, I assume that means everything we obtained in the previous map won’t be there? I think that’s what bothers me the most. One of my concerns is that with this new format, how much freedom will there be around the map?
    Also if you’d like any help with the making the map, I’d be more than happy to help. I believe I had offered once before.

    • TheForgiven Says:

      The map is pretty much done. The only thing missing now are the plugins and configuring them.

      • chikokuda Says:

        do you guys have an estimate for what day its going to be open?

    • Late Night Minecraft Says:

      We were gonna have it ready for sometime by tommorow, but on the looks of things, that won’t happen :c We’ll try to get it done by sunday/monday! πŸ™‚

      • chikokuda Says:

        Awesome XD. I look forward to it (:. I’m excited to get back on the server.

  17. DJ_Edge Says:

    The server is up but apparently I cannot join because I am not white-listed? What’s up with that?

    • RagingBadly Says:

      It’s not live to you guys yet; the plugins are still in configuration, but I’d estimate the server will be up by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

  18. ChibiTamashi Says:

    Update please?

  19. Marlon Says:

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