Good news!

The reports of JiggyFiggz’s retirement were greatly exaggerated; he’s back with us, better than ever, and our new Tech Support!

Go give him a hug, welcome him back, and tell him you appreciate him, y’all.

Go give everyone hugs.

I demand it.

Sere out.


4 Responses to “Good news!”

  1. ChibiTamashi Says:


    Posting this here instead. The old Bukkit thread needs moderation approval to post in now XP

    Here are download links for two of Server v.2 maps.


    The map for Donorland is not yet available.

  2. LovelessGiraffe (@LovelessGiraffe) Says:

    LovelessGiraffe here! Abos-posi-lutely confused as to how things are going eith the server as one long day it just dissapeared from my list of playable servers on minecraft. If anyone would be so kind as to update me on what’s going on, my email is Thanks! And hopefully, I’ll be seeing a few of you all soon!

  3. Andreas Says:

    how do i get whitelisted?

  4. Tylong0604 Says:

    I am interested in joining your sever. How would I go about that?

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